Welcome to Malmö, Sweden to a conference for those of us that want to see a completely different world. Now is an urgent time to meet, share experiences and ideas, and organise together.

As states and other actors are increasingly organising themselves across nation borders to build higher fences, the solidarity and progressive movements are in need of spaces to organise against these repressive and violent politics.

We hereby invite you to a conference filled with workshops, lectures and, more importantly, a place to build new alliances and strategies together.

The programme will be continuously updated, stay tuned!

The conference will, amongst other things, consist of lectures, panel discussions and workshops. There will also be a lot of time for conversations and meetings between everyone who participates to exchange knowledge and experiences. Subjects and issues we hope to take place during the conference include: organisation against deportations, criminalisation of solidarity, EU migration policy and the externalisation of EU borders, union struggle, local organisation, rescue operations on the Mediterranean, self-organisation and much more. Our hope is that we together will make this conference as relevant and fruitful as possible! If you have ideas on what should be addressed/given time during the conference, we ask you to submit these to us.

We will update the programme continuously, along with practical information. If you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!