Ten years ago Malmö hosted the European Social Forum where 15.000 people gathered to demonstrate under the slogan: another world is possible. Now, we have just experienced an election for the EU Parliament. It’s been held in a context where fascist trends are gaining influence, not only in Europe but in many places around the world. We see attempts to turn people against each other. We see a normalisation of racist rhetoric in the public debate, which is reflected in increasing numbers of hate crimes. We see how people lose their lives in their pursuit of safety. We see dehumanization and criminalisation of poor people.

At the same time, the EU is moving its external borders to countries in northern Africa
through a series of dirty measures, such as; giving financial support to militia in Libya in
order for them to act as coast guards, hindering people from crossing the sea, pushing for regional disembarkation platforms outside of Europe, where all asylum applications would take place, diverting aid money from investments in educational systems to new systems of migration control. Furthermore, the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) is currently developing into yet another way to use repressions and violence against those that are forced to flee to Europe. This cannot continue!

To those of us that want to see a completely different world in these pressing times: now is an urgent time to meet, share experiences and ideas and organize together. This is the prime reason as to why we are now organizing Maps of Solidarity – International Conference on Borders and Justice in Malmö, Sweden, from the 30th of August until the 1st of September 2019. The initiators of this event are different organized leftist groups with our base in Malmö. We hope that the conference will provide a much needed opportunity to gather socialists and activists from several countries, in order to collectively discuss, share experiences and, most importantly, organize resistance.